Violet’s Veggies is the site that I’ve always wanted to make about gardening. I never like looking at pictures of myself so I created a mascot for the site out of our bunny Violet. Violet is a good mascot because he LOVES eating veggies, maybe more than I do.

When Violet was a baby bunny, the breeder told us the rabbit was a female. So the kids named him “Violet” which was a perfectly charming name for a lady rabbit. A few months later, I noticed that Violet was in fact a male. He had started responding to his name by then though, so we didn’t feel we could change it. Violet is a dude.

Violet wears a diaper while inside the house because–while he seems reasonably intelligent for a rabbit—he has never really gotten the whole house training thing. We’ve owned other rabbits and trained them just fine. Violet is just…obstinate in this regard.

We like having him around the house though, so we put an infant diaper on him while he runs around. That keeps the house clean and he gets to feel wild and free I guess. Plus it makes for funny pictures.

So Violet is a very large, male, diaper-wearing rabbit. And he is your guide to veggie gardening. Enjoy. 🙂