20 DIY Chicken Coops that You Need in Your Backyard

20 DIY Chicken Coops that You Need in Your Backyard

Easy ways to build your own chicken coops

1. Colorful and Homey

This chicken coop looks like a real house! With the colorful shutters and even a white picket fence, these chickens will be living in style.

2. On The Farm

With DIY decorations, the design of this chicken coop will not only make this cute, but also a farm feel

3. Shades of Blue

For a fraction of what some people spend on the perfect chicken coop, you can design and build your own! To make reaching for their eggs easier, this family installed a hinged door that folds out.

4. Chick Brooding Cabinet

It is clear that this isn’t for a full coop of chickens, but this is ideal for brooding chicks. Find an old armoire and attach backing as well as chicken wire for this cute, but useful spot for your chicks!

5. Cheery Yellow

With some bright paint of pretty flowers, this can cheer anyone up! With the tiny windows, this design portrays a miniature house.

6. Bluegrass Coop

It’s hard not to love this pastel detailed coop. The detail is simple, but very functional for the chickens.

7. Repurposed Swing Set

There is nothing better than being able to reuse something that is laying around your house! For those that have kids who have outgrown their swing set, turn it into a chicken coop. This A-frame structure is built with attached iron sheets and covered with mesh netting.

8. Pretty and Functional

By placing this coop under trees, this provides shade and comfort for your chickens. The branches from the tree are used to make cute curtains, making it look elegant.

9. Repurposed Crib

Here’s a neat way to get some use out of that old crib you have laying around! Repurpose the crib by covering it with chicken wire. This is the perfect size from free range chickens, where they can eat, sleep, and lay eggs.

10. Rustic-Modern

This bright red chicken coop is made from reused wood and equipped with skylights, vinyl flooring, nesting boxes, and roosting bars.

11. The Chicken Ranch

Yet again, don’t get rid of your kids old playhouse outback. Just add hardwire cloth to the openings and build the base to turn it into a coop.

12. Raised Cube

The coop is enclosed with hog wire and has the foundation of a shed. What makes this coop unique is that it is raised on cedar posts! There is a fold out door so the chickens have easy access to food and the eggs and also a door for your to refill food.

13. Cape Cod-Inspired

Using stock building materials as well as hardware from Home Depot, you can provide this beautiful coop for your chickens. This coop is prettier than some people’s home!

14. Red, White, and Blue

Nothing says America more than those three colors! This cute A-frame is also complimented with a red door for your chicken coop.

15. Converted Dog House

Are you lost about where your coop building should start? Try using an old dog house for your base!

16. Little Red Barn

There is nothing more classic than a red barn! Made from pallets, this chicken coop has southern charm written all over it.

17. Garden Oasis

Using natural colors like greens and blues, this coop will fit in with your garden! Because of this, the environment is good for you and your chickens.

18. Quaint Cottage

Don’t be mistake when you see this adorable cottage because it’s actually a chicken coop! If you take a look inside, you’ll find a chic chair and even a chandelier! These chickens are living in luxury.

19. Red & Repurposed

To skip a lot of steps in your DIY project, use an old playhouse as the base for your chicken coop.

20. Pallet Project

If you are ambitious and have some time to get this chicken coop done that took eight weeks, go for it! The wood pallets give the coop a nice outdoor feel and the planter by the door seals the deal!

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