10 Pallet Chicken Coops

10 Pallet Chicken Coops

If you’re trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, it’s best to eat fresh, minimally processed meats, fruits, and vegetables. It’s pretty easy to start a garden – even if you’re limited on space. And depending on the climate you live in, you might be able to grow fruit trees.

But what about dairy or eggs? Your neighbors might complain if you get a cow, but having chickens as backyard pets – and egg suppliers – is a very popular trend. You can control what your chickens eat to ensure that the eggs you eat – or even the chicken meat – isn’t full of chemicals, antibiotics, or GMOs.

If you decide to get chickens, you’ll need a coop to keep them safe from the elements or predators. Buying a premade coop can get pricey, but if you’re into DIY projects, with a little effort, you can build a chicken coop out of an old pallet. Check out these fully functional chicken coops made out of recycled pallets.

1. Elevated Hen House

This space saving chicken coop allows you to give your chickens safe indoor space as well as a small outdoor area. If you have a larger space available in your yard, you could omit the chicken wire on this coop and enclose a larger area with fencing, giving your chickens more space to roam.

2. Secure Pallet Coop

You can build this coop with minimal tools and with hardly any out of pocket expenses. This chicken coop will definitely keep predators away from your chickens, but you may need to modify the design a little if you want it to be weatherproof.

3. Simple Pallet Coop

This no-frills pallet chicken coop resembles a rustic home. It features a ramp to allow chicken to enter and exit easily and it’s raised up off the ground with cinder blocks to help prevent moisture from getting in.

4. Walk-in Chicken Coop

Not for the amateur DIY-er, this large sized chicken coop makes egg collecting a breeze. It’s built tough and tall so you can easily walk into the coop without bumping your head.

5. Large Pallet Chicken Coop

This large chicken coop is so nice that you might want to live in it. It’s an attractive outbuilding that can easily hold a large flock of chickens.

6. Small Chicken House

This adorable chicken coop will add charm to any backyard. If you’ve decided to build your own pallet chicken coop, this option might be more time consuming than other coops, but it will provide a durable and secure space for your chickens to roost for years to come.

7. Modern Pallet Coop

This beautiful chicken coop can be made out of recycled pallets and other recycled building materials.

8. Rustic Chicken Coop

This well crafted hen house is sturdy enough for humans to live in. It’s a little labor intensive, so you might want to build this coop in your garage and then move it outdoors.

9. Chicken Coop Shed

If you have the skills to build – or even assemble – a backyard shed, you can make this chicken coop. Using recycled pallet wood, you can build a structure that’s weather resistant and will keep predators away from your flock.

10. Inexpensive and Simple Chicken Coop

This basic chicken coop looks like a charming cottage with the shingles on its exterior. It features an egg drawer on the side to make gathering eggs a breeze.

No matter what style chicken coop you like, there are so many options for building a coop out of recycled pallets. If you get started today, you’ll be eating free range eggs in no time!

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